5+ Spring Food & Drink Must-Haves

The glorious and clever Bethany from Parenting in Progress counted us in her 

5+ Spring Food & Drink Must-Haves

Bethany Scott is busy with her family, nutrition, fun for the family, organisation and adventures.

She was very kind to give us a shout out about our Sexy Dark Swiss Prebiotic Chocolate range and we are so happy you love them Bethany!


Bethany wrote "Prebiotic benefits include; contributes to sustainable weight loss, stress support, improves digestion, natural detox, strengths immune system, nourishes good gut bacteria.

Inspired and named after some of the worlds greatest musicians; Raspberry Rhapsody, Pinksalt Floyd Rocks and  Mint Puffdaddii."

So spring has sprung in her beautiful Oklahoma and we are so pleased we can bring a bit of funky functional yumminess to the party for you!



You can enjoy our amazing funktional snacks in stores or delivered to your door! 

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