5 ways to read nutrition labels like a PRO

Making powerful choices?

We only do so from knowledge.

So we are here to day to drop some knowledge bombs on how to make easier food choices based on PACKAGING.

Food labelling is one of the sneakiest ways we end up eating C R A P.

There is food and then there are "food like products" (FLP) and it's an important distinction. Every time we give our bodies FLP they have to work harder.

So here is your beginners guide to food label mastery...


1. Ingredients are in order of proportion.

The ingredients are listed in order of most to least. So the first ingredient on the list weighs the most. This is why in hair conditioner the first ingredient is often Aqua - the product is mostly water.

If Sugar is the first or second ingredient in what you are eating - class it as candy.


2. Many names and many faces. Our friend sugar!

Anything ending in -ose is a sugar!








3. More sugary friends.

"High-frustose corn syrup". Watch our! They've hidden the -ose in the middle trying to trick use into not seeing it!


4. Doing a number on us.

If you find a list of numbers in the ingredients, it doesn't mean they are all bad!

What it does mean is that this "food like product" and is highly processed.

You are getting extracts, isolates, derivatives, enhancers and preservatives instead of just food.

Look for ingredient names you recognise!


5. Check the serving size.

Labels are obliged to provide "serving size" data. This means the numbers on the label of calories, carbohydrates, proteins and fats are for usually 100g serves and portioned serves. 

A 600ml/20 oz bottle of coke is 2.4 portioned serves of coke.

So serving information will be given on the panel, but you have to then multiply everything by 2.4 to get the true numbers!

We hope you've enjoyed the 5 ways to read nutrition labels like a pro on your food  and wellness journey!


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