Absorption - are you flushing your money down the toilet?


I eat well. Why do I have food cravings? Insatiable appetite no matter what I eat?

Why is my energy all over the place?

Why do I have a 3pm crash?

Why do I have deficiencies like eye twitches? Weak skin, hair or nails? Immune  system nonsense? Stinky stools? Bloating?

Of course there are a load of medical and wellness issues that these could be. 

AND a lot of us are not getting our absorption right.

Our 2 absorption heroes.

1. Breaking it down

2. Soaking it up.

1. Breaking it down.

> Acid and enzymes people.

Reduced stomach acid and impaired enzyme production (common and reduces as we age, use medications and eat processed foods) means the process of breaking nutrients down so they can be absorbed is messed up.

ALSO - Food particles are not meant to enter the blood stream - this happens is you've damaged your gut lining AND your acid and enzymes are impaired - we have blogs on Leaky Gut for this issue. If they do you have an immune response to the particles and all the immune and energy issues associated to that dilemma.

Gutsii Multii Shake has the range of enzymes needed for all nutrients break down for this exact reason.

> The Chew Chew train.

I am not your mother, but "CHEW YOUR FOOD!"

Food is meant to be COMPLETELY LIQUID as you swallow it. NOT whole chunks, little chunks, lumps or bumps. NO!

The stomach has evolved for chewed food. We can't make it work any other way and it damages it every time we do it. 

Food that isn't properly broken down by chewing (mechanical digestion) and your acid and enzymes (chemical digestion) can ferment in your digestion producing acids and vinegars and alcohols. AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! WTF?!

Sluggish? Tired? Congested? Bloated? 

Look to your breakdown of food. Get on the CHEW CHEW TRAIN and consider an acid and enzyme supplement while you repair your house and habits.

2. Soaking it up.

Digestive irritants are really common. The most common is dairy, and then grains.


When we have an irritated or inflamed digestive tract, it is just the same as our sinus - it makes mucus (gross we know!)

The mucous coats the digestive tract's lining and that is where nutrient absorption in meant to happen. It is a physical barrier to the absorption of our fat-based and water-based vitamins and minerals - the things you need to create all the cellular processes and ENERGY!

If you aren't soaking up and utilising the nutrients it is a total "flushing your money down the toilet" scenario.

We'll share more on how to test your stomach acid, Leaky Gut Syndrome, and how to repair your beautiful powerhouse.


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