Digestion 101 - Break it down baby.

Heaps of people "eat well" but feel bad.

If this is you, a quick knowledge bomb on your digestion will empower you to get back to enjoying your life!


That's the first job of our digestive system... to break down our food into what's called chyme.

Chyme is what travels through our intestines, small and large, to interact with different bacterias and be absorbed for energy and nutrients 💖.

Signs there's a problem with how you are breaking down your food:


📌Runny nose after eating

📌Abdominal cramping

📌 Bad breath

📌 Fatigue

Behaviours that don't help:

💣 Eating fast 

💣 Swallowing chunks of food

💣 Eating while upset / tense

💣 Ignoring what you eat while you eat it

New strategies:

🍒 Get on the chew chew train!

Chew your food until it's completely liquid - that's what your stomach has evolved to accept. 

🍒 RELAX while you eat.

Really look at the food and smell it before you start the meal. 

,🍒 Minimise COLD DRINKS while you eat. 

All beverages dilute your digestive acid and cold ones  re-solidify fats 😲.

🍒 Experiment with broad spectrum digestive ENZYMES and observe the difference.

We love seeing and hearing the enzyme experience Gutsii boys and girls have with our Multii Shake.

The improved break down from the enzymes gives them satisfaction, with none of the heaviness so many people hate about protein powders. 

Next up.... ABSORPTION!!!


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