We have our own chemical factories inside us!

We make acids, enzymes, proteins, bones, skin, hair, teeth, eye cells, nose hairs and toe nails!

We really are a chemical wonder. One massive chemistry set!

This image is an example of an enzyme's chemical structure. Trippy huh?!

This is a diagram of how enzymes work...

For the purpose of digestion - the "substrate" is FOOD.

Proteins - Fats - Carbs.

They all have enzymes that work JUST ON THEM.

Our pancreas makes our enzymes and does the magic of unlocking the food molecules into particles we can use - you know, absorb into our blood stream and take to all the cells.

Illness, injury, surgeries, infections, antibiotic use, inflammation, leaky gut and on and on can all impact our enzyme production.

Being someone who eats quickly, doesn't chew enough (yes Mum!) or doesn't smell their food before they eat makes us prone to reduce enzyme action too.

So WHY does washing detergent and digestion have ENZYMES in common?

Enzymes BREAK THINGS DOWN. A stain or your food. Different enzymes for different jobs.

With our nutrition products , like these, we have UPPED the functionality of them by adding in ALL THE enzymes baby!

You ain't missing out on any nutrients on our watch!

Love ya guts