Fibre is SEXY... For real.

“The results from this recent study are remarkable…

Study shows direct link between inulin and improved wellbeing."


Well that is good news for us baby!

Because the magic ingredient in our sexy Swiss dark Chocolate is... *drum roll please*... INULIN.

So WTF is Inulin?

Inulin is a type of Fibre.

Yes, call us Grandma, we will only be flattered. Fibre MATTERS.

We used to think of fibre like a broom that swept out our intestines. We were wrong! 

Fibre is main the food source for beneficial bacteria in our digestive system - also known as PREBIOTICS.

Yes, that's right. PREBIOTICS is the fancy word for FIBRE.

*Mic drop*

Our beneficial bacteria (pobiotics) performs a lot of nutrient processing - basically, it digests a bunch of our food FOR US!.

We can't process food properly without the right bacteria (hello lactobacillii family - they take care of dairy foods) so our overall health suffers when they are not being nourished.

We are talking digestive discomfort, constipation, energy issues, immune issues, mood issues, allergies - You. Name. It. 

FUN FACT - Guess what is the 3rd largest ingredient of human breast milk?

Prebiotic fibres!

O M G. We could assume from that, the 3rd most important nutrient in our development and health is Fibre.

Adults in the west are chronic under-consumers of fibre/prebiotics.

The recommended daily intakes is minimum 30g. The average is 15 - 20g eek...

Scary huh?!

So our gorgeous, smooth and tasty chocolate treats have a cranking 9 - 11g of fibre per bar.

Have one and you've covered your fibre deficit for the day as well as given yourself an antioxidant hit and some yummy chocolate PLEASURE!

Yes please.

Learn more about the hard data on fibre's (specifically, our choice, Inulin's) health impacts!


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