"Functional Snack Food Company Gutsii Will Debut Market-Changing Products at Expo West"!

Anaheim, CA, February 20, 2019 

Gutsii, a functional snack food company that focuses on providing clean, convenient and accessible gut health products, will debut its market-changing products at Expo West in Anaheim, CA on March 5th-9th.


The products will include the Gutsii Multii shake, which is a protein shake that cuts out bloat-causing ingredients and boasts a healthy mix of probiotics and prebiotics; as well as their Sexy Dark Swiss Prebiotic Chocolate, which is a no-added-sugar swiss chocolate that provides 40% of the required daily intake of dietary fiber per serving.

Gutsii Co-Founder and CEO, Janine Zappini, is an award-winning entrepreneur who has been named a “Top Entrepreneur to Watch in 2019” by Future Sharks. She has a strong background in starting successful health food companies, and she’s known for her superpowers in predicting market trends.

Zappini created Gutsii with one major intention: help people improve their gut health with no-bull, functional snack foods. She explains how today’s consumers are faced with confusing claims from gut-promoting products, “Most gut health products on the shelves still have added sugar in them, and sugar is the food that nourishes your bad gut bacteria.” As a result, consumers may actually feel worse after eating or drinking these products, and Gutsii is here to change that.

With over 70 million Americans reporting a notable digestive health problem, Gutsii understands the need to develop and offer convenient, clean and fun products that support your biome, strengthen your immune system and promote good gut bacteria. Plus, they approach the solution in a different—and slightly controversial—way.

While most brands promote probiotics as the number one functional ingredient, Gutsii goes against the grain to offer something different (and more effective): Prebiotics. Prebiotics are made up of dietary fiber that help aid digestion and promote good gut bacteria. It also works as an activator to make probiotics more effective.

Zappini explains, “Probiotics are important, however have hundreds of different bacteria stems. Our biome changes every day, so consumers don’t generally know what sort of probiotics they need.”

The Gutsii Multii shake solves this problem by offering consumers a rich mix of vegan protein, four different types of probiotics, fiber-rich prebiotics and digestive enzymes. Most importantly, the shakes don’t compromise on smooth, palatable taste. It’s available in three flavors, including Vanilla iice, Chocolate Symphony, and Shuck Berrii; it’s gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, low carb, keto friendly and contains nothing artificial.

The brand’s other offering, Sexy Dark Swiss Prebiotic Chocolate, is a revolutionary product that comes in three flavors: Pinksalt Floyd Rocks, Mint Puffdaddii and Raspberry Rhapsody. Zappini explains why their chocolate is changing the market, “Normally, chocolate is full of milk and sugar, which are the two biggest no-nos for gut health. After 15 months of development, we figured out how to create a sugar-free Swiss chocolate that contains 40% prebiotics.”

According to Zappini, their revolutionary chocolate is gaining great feedback from a range of consumers, “It’s become really diverse. We have moms who give kids the chocolate for dietary fiber, and we even have bodybuilders who eat our chocolate because most protein bars are filled with artificial ingredients, taste awful and cause bloating. Our chocolate doesn’t.”

Gutsii will introduce two new chocolate flavors at Expo West: ‘Banana Nut Butter Rama’ and ‘Kiss My Apple, Cinnamon’. Attendees who are interested in learning more and trying Gutsii products can visit them at booth H-405 in the Hot Products section in front of the Hilton. Zappini says their booth will be hard to miss, “Our stand is funky, super retro and we’ll be wearing some fabulous outfits!”

As for the future, Zappini is looking forward to helping more consumers heal their guts, “Gut health is the number one growing segment in any category right now; prebiotics awareness has quadrupled in the last two years; and it’s just going to grow more!”

To learn more about Gutsii and their products, please visit https://gutsii.com or follow them @GutsiiHealth on Instagram.

About Gutsii

Founded by a conscious food pioneer and certified health coach, Gutsii was born with a mission to bring the world of convenience and tasty functional foods together. Their flagship gut-healing products include the Gutsii Multii Shake and Sexy Dark Swiss Prebiotic Chocolate.

About Janine Zappini

A conscious food pioneer and certified health coach, Janine Zappini is the founder of Gutsii and Simply Raw, Australia’s first 100% raw snack bar. Specializing in designing healthy foods for the past eight years, Janine has been on a mission to turn the tides in how easy it can be to make a great food choice and bring the worlds of convenience and functional foods together. With her qualifications as a health coach and a focus on integrative nutrition, Janine is a treasure trove of nutrition, food and healing yourself with small changes and new choices.




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