3 gut supplements that matter


Gut supplements...

There are a lot of choices and web pages devoted to this topic!

For us, the simplest is the place to start.

If you've had some specific gut traumas then we always recommend getting specialized advice. 

For the rest of us who have over-indulged or under-nourished we suggest to start with these 3 powerhouses to turn the tide. 

 1. Antioxidants.

Our gut lining is full of cells that change quickly. They determine our absorption of food so our quality of energy and health. They matter. 

So new cells are being produced all the time, and if every cell matters - your nutrition matters.

You can't build great cells off poor materials. 

Antioxidants ensure that damages cells are repaired and new cells are put together well.

If you don't have great nutrients to build cells from, your body doesn't wait - it builds with whatever it has got!

Our Multii Shakes have a great antioxidant amount for this reason - we want the power of antioxidants in our day!

Dark chocolate is also called for its variety and density of antioxidants - so enjoy our chocolate!!!


2. Prebiotics.

Our gut bacteria colonies are doing their own thing. Digesting food for us, giving us immunity, determining our mood...

We can influence the healthy/helpful populations in there by feeding them properly. 

They live off non digestible fibres.

So eating your leafy green veggies is a way to take care, and also supplements for prebiotics will give them the love they need.

We focus heavily on PREs in our Multii Shakes and our Swiss Chocolate ranges.  Enjoy!


3. Magnesium.

The mighty Mg! 

Our digestive tracts are made of muscle.

It is all muscle!

Muscles don't contract or relax correctly without the incredible power of magnesium.

If you ever experience constipation then Mg is an important supplement to consider. 

We really need our waste to clear away a normal rate or we turn into a human trash compactor. 

Our Multii Shake has the Australian daily recommended dose of magnesium.

AND dark chocolate, being famous for nutrient rich magnesium is also high on the mighty Mg so our Swiss Chocolate is taking good care of you too.

Lots of love and guts,

The Gutsii team 



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