Gutsii Raspberry Dark Chocolate COMPARISON Lindt Excellence Raspberry


Show down time!

Now that the mind-blowing and craving-crushing Gustii Prebiotic Sexy Swiss Chocolate is officially out there we can start to see how it stacks up.

At Gustii we are all about making everyone's favourite NAUGHTY treats into healthy, functional snacks that satisfy and delight without any REGRETS!

For some reality checks we thought we could show you how Gutsii's Swiss Chocolate stacks up against some heavy hitters and we are starting with Gutsii Raspberry Rhapsody Vs Lindt Excellence Raspberry.

We will cover ingredients and nutrition information in this comparison, as well as address functionality of each product.

We are lovers of all this excellent and Lindt is really excellent. All props to Lindt. sadly for our Diabetic, Keto, Paleo and Dairy free friends Lindt is a no-go.

We will play fair and do comparisons by weight matching them evenly in our commentary.

Let's start with ingredients:

Lindt Raspberry:

Sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, milk fat, freeze-dried raspberry (2%), emulsifier (soy lecithin), natural flavour, flavouring.

Gustii Raspberry:

Cocoa mass, inulin, cocoa butter, dried raspberries, vanilla beans.

It doesn't take a gut health expert to work out that Lindt's number one ingredient* is not gut health or metabolic health-friendly!


Now let's look at nutrition:

Lindt first...

Now Gutsii...

* So the first thing to notice is the RADICAL difference in sugar in the Gutsii!

For 30g Lindt gives you 14.7g and Gutsii gives you 1.6g!

** We aren't frightened of fats as we know they are required for all of our cell membranes we are stoked that Gutsii has a high amount of healthy fat coming from the cocoa!

*** Next is the fabulous FIBRE! Yes! the source of our magical PREBIOTICS! you won't find fibre in confectionery chocolate.

**** Finally, and probably most importantly! Serving size. With Lindt you get only 20g and with Gutsii you get 30g!

Enjoy your decadence and delights with our sexy swiss chocolate!


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