Gutsy Aussie Female Entrepreneurs Thriving in USA

Tech Invest Online has featured 2 of our amazing founders Tamara and Janine!

Here is an excerpt:

"A pair of female entrepreneurs are wowing the USA with a string of Australian-based startups, despite​ ​recent indications that only 2% of VC funding globally is distributed to female founders—and Australian startups are shy about asking for the investment they need​.

There’s no holding back for award-winning businesswomen Janine Zappini and Tamara Loehr, who have a track record of picking trends, backing their hunches and making an impressive amount of bank for two girls from down under.

Emboldened by their successes in previous ventures—including 5.4, Simply Raw and Hot Tresses Vegan Haircare—Zappini and Loehr hit LA this month to source high-profile US distributors for their latest brand: Gutsii, a revolutionary range of functional snack foods.

Their most recent US adventure coincides with the release of​ ​The Dell Women Entrepreneurs Network Cities Index​ on 16 July, which compares the capacity of different cities to attract and support female entrepreneurs. Los Angeles is 6th on the top 50 list, while Sydney and Melbourne appear at #11 and #17 respectively. Brisbane, where Gutsii originated, doesn’t rate a mention..."

To read more check out the article HERE!


The Gutsii girls.


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