Oh I'm drooling! GOOD!

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today for a glamorous topic.


Yep. That's right. Saliva. 

It is magic underrated, unappreciated and we LOVE it!

Why the big deal?

Pay attention if you have any of these on your hit list:

> Allergies

> Digestive discomfort

> Bloating

Your incredible body. Maybe just take a moment to bask in it's wonder...

To create a genius substance like saliva... You make about 2 litres a day.

Important to be well hyrdrated because saliva does such an insanely important job and you need water on board to make it happen.

The job

Saliva does many jobs, I don't think I even know them all! The last point is the one that is the most dazzling.

1. Starts mechanical digestion - saliva allows for the teeth to break down food from whole pieces to smaller chunks by just being a lubricant. Imagine chewing with no saliva?!!!

2. Starts chemical digestion - the chemicals in saliva include a bunch on enymes that begin the breakdown of carbohydrates (sugars), protein and fats. 

3. Protects your teeth by breaking down food even if it is left in your teeth.

4. Disinfects your food. Food is sterilised by coming into contact with saliva. WHOA!

If you do not let every molecule of food come into contact with saliva by chewing your food until it is completely liquid - you are not actually chewing your food.

So when chunks of food enter the stomach there is no guarantee food will be processed properly OR that your body won't launch an immune response to it as it hasn't been through proper decontamination via proper interaction with saliva.

So when we harp on about chewing your food. It's not for the chewing - it's for complete mixture with saliva for the first stage of digestion, the decontamination of the food and to enable your stomach to do it's work.

Hello energy. Hello nutrient absorption. Hello energy. Hello health!

So please get on the CHEW CHEW train darlings.


Love your guts,

the Gutsii crew.



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