Prebiotics, Probiotics and Postbiotics?!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Howdy y'all!





This is a whole new world of vocabulary, knowledge and understanding that we are now suddenly expected to get on board with!

Well...  Right. Let the google madness begin.... NO STOP!

All this needing to understand your self/your body/digestion and all these little creatures! Hello overwhelm!

Let's make it simple. It doesn't have to be as complicated as we are told. Complicating things makes it easier for companies to sell us products we don't need!

Biotics = Living organisms.

Pre = Before. 

Pro = Good. 

Post = After.

Here's how that lays out:

Prebiotics = "Before living organisms".  The food good bacteria use to live, grow and multiply inside us.

Probiotics = "Good living organisms". The critters in and on us doing lots of jobs!

Postbiotics = "After living organisms". The waste of the probiotics having done their work and lived their lives.

So we all already have PRObiotics and simply need to feed them PREbiotics.

POSTbiotics - the only factor we control on this is making sure we have regular bowel movements to ensure we aren't a walking-talking trash compactor holding onto waste products (gross).

If you are worried about not having enough PROs - eat PREs. That is non-digestible fibres - leafy greens and our products are full of them!

If you have a specific health issue - there are strains of PROs that are clinically tested and shown to impact - we suggest only taking ONE type at a time and go for at least 60 days to observe improvements - or no improvement. Otherwise you will never know what worked for you!

Our strain of PROs in our Multii Shake is specifically for digestive health and immune function.

So keep it simple darlings and enjoy the power of knowing what you can do to keep things healthy on the inside!

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