Yes, Prince (RIP), it's controversial...

Lots of NEWS, NEWS, NEWS about research into multiple strain probiotic use being:

A) A waste of money.

2nd) Possibly causing problems.

and lastly, a classic human approach to complex systems where we focus on the wrong thing!

I hope like the silly listing :) and let's get into it.


The positive, consistent and replicated probiotic research is around use of single strains. So taking multiple species isn't proven to do anything!

So you pay for more and you technically "get more", but the "more" doesn't necassarily extend over to "more" result.

Also - cumulative use is a proven factor, many months of consistent use of strains is required for an shift in the biome. Most people don't consistently use the probiotics over months so aren't getting a return on investment.

And pray tell, how will you ever know which one worked for you???


Oh the SIBO!

Oh the brain fog!

Oh the bloating!

Oh the gas!

Yep, a lot of people get negative side effects from introducing multiple colonies at once into their special place that already has a plethora of species rocking out/fighting it out in there.

YES - single strain research is brilliant! We love it! We love Ganaden, Lacto and Bifido research. SOLID GOLD.

SIBO is small intestine bacteria overgrowth and you can google the symptom list - if you have them it might be worth getting professional advise on if taking multiple strain pro supps is a no-no.

The long and short of it is, you don't know what you've got and what you haven't got unless you do a species mapping test and then can plan your colony goals.

DIY bacteria cocktails aren't looking that tasty anymore.


Classic human! 

We love simplifying a complex thing and have a long history of doing bad, stupid and harmful things with this endeavour... Australia and Cane toads are a beautiful example of this ("every solution breeds a new problem").

X is missing. Got it. That's bad. Replace X.

OK. Sounds good.

But what if X is a result of a complex process?

What happens when we skip that process?

What is X is missing because it can't live without Y?

Does bringing in X work when there is no Y? 

Will X survive without the Y?

OK just add in Y too with X... But why isn't Y there?

Oh you see the fun this is for us! 

So in the end we are focusing on growing populations by shipping in newbies instead of growing the existing goodies.

WE ALREADY HAVE GOODIES - we just need to feed them!


1. Pathology wins - a biome species map from a stool sample is the truth from which you can make your decisions.

2. Prebiotics for the WIN! No matter what, you can grow your good populations. Get high on your own supply peeps.

3. Consistent single strain probiotic use in most methodical, scientific (you know what worked and when) and best use of your money.

4. We must really love you to bother to map this all out for you, fill our beautiful goodies with prebiotics and restrain ourselves to single species use when we could just put a bunch in to falsely impress you.

Feel the love!



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