7 deadly sins... for ya' guts!

Oh no!

The sassy seven...

If you can't kick them to the kurb PUHLEASE try to at least throw them some serious shade and maybe keep them as a side thing...

1. S*** - SUGAR!

We are only talking gut-specific here. There is a mega list of other impacts of sugar on other body systems but oh lordy, the gut!

MAIN DRAIN - The favourite fuel of harmful bacterias: sugars.  They create horrid byproducts that are vinegars and alchols that rock their way into the blood stream and make your foggy, tired, shitty and a little bit drunk...

Watch our for sneaky sugars - a rose by any other name is still a rose - maltodextrose, sucrose glucose, high-fructose corn syrup, fructose, maltose is a small sample of the names of the white devil.

2. Dairy

Unfermented dairy is a problem food for loads of people.

Some people react to the lactose. Others react to the casein.

You'll know if you react to dairy. If yoghurts and cheeses are no drama but milk and ice cream punish you with pain and the runs - it's most likely the lactose.

If it's everything - it's high chances casein.

You can increase lactose tolerance with small doses of lactose introduction - the lactobacillus bacteria families are what actually does the digesting of lactose for us - not us! So they need to be specifically bred for this job.

3. High heat vegetable oils and hydrogenated oils.

The toxins that are created from heating unstable fats to fry foods  think canola, soybean and corn oils - ain't nobody got time for that!

Hydrogenated oil in potato chips have to be labelled to warn of ANAL LEAKAGE.

Case closed.

4. Tap Water

Chlorinated water is specifically so to kill bacteria and make it safe. YES PLEASE!

But once the critters you don't want are dead - what about your special critters???

That's why every man and his dog has a water filter.

Have a filter - or be the filter.

5. Antibiotics

Viruses like the cold and flu cannot be helped by antibiotics. With antibiotic resistance on the rise we are seeing a massive concern for the over-prescription of antibiotics.

Resistance is one issue. Recovery from the biome decimation of antibiotics is another.

If you have serious bacterial infection - antibiotics are saving your life. MIRACLE DRUGS.

If you have had a course - your colonies will need support in being re-established.

6. Eating foods that make you bloated.

This is personal - we are all  unique. If it's onions, apricots, oats, almonds, capsicum, spices, beans... WHATEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Something ain't working - time to change.

7. Not soaking beans or fermenting soy.

Not all food is edible... A bunch we have to cook to make it so. If you can't eat it without cooking it (eg. potatoes, beans, soy beans, corn, rice, wheat, oats, pumpkin, yam) only become digeatable after being PREDIGESTED by cooking or bacterial pre-digestion (fermentation).

If your soy milk isn't fermented, if your beans aren't soaked fully, if your starches aren't cooked through - you'll be in pain my friend. 



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