Shake it off - The 3 reasons shakes aren't going anywhere.

Shakes for energy, power, shred and general good vibes.

There are a LOT of protein shakes in the market.

And by a lot, we mean a shake-load!

Energy, weight management and general health...

That's the holy trinity of protein shakes and the 3 reasons why they have been a massive success, become a completely normal nutrition option and have spanend across so many purposes:


 Weight gain

 Muscle gain

 Weight loss

 Nutrition supplementation

 Energy booster

 Time saver

 All-round solution for buy folks.

Whether you are slamming steel at the gym or simply saving time with shakes you aren't alone.

And smartly so.,,

Optimal nutrition isn't easy and the research that goes into nutrition products is extensive, so it is a "standing on the shoulders of giants" situation where we are all looking for brands we trust, backed up by people who actually care.

HOT TIP - instead of spending all your research time on specific products, redirect your attention to finding companies that share the same values and interests that you do, perhaps you can look into the personal stories of the founders?

Do they talk about issues you care about?

This is a great indicator of if it's a company who can genuinely meet your needs and wants for shake.

At Gutsii we focus on energy, gut health and broad spectrum nutrition. If you haven't seen our founder, Janine, yet, or heard her story, please jump over to Facebook.

Our Multii Shake is our protein shake that packs a massive punch for energy, weight loss, and you can check out our flavours here.


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