The 3 things we do every day for amazing energy

Hello darlings!

Energy levels affect everything.

Our relationships, our work quality, our exercise, our mental health.

We do some simple things every day to protect our energy levels and, of course (!) they are all related to our gut health!

If you find you get the mid afternoon crash or walk around like a zombie in the morning then why not try these 3 simples and see what they can do for you?!


1. Hydrate URGENTLY every morning!

First thing every morning upon rising, try to consume (warm or room temperature) water. And more than you think. Try 800ml / 24oz.

Cold water is brutal on our tummies and we have to warm it up to body temperature to begin absorbing it - some people like this idea to "burn calories" and that's cool too. Literally! Cold water is better than no water!

We want maximum absorbtion and really fast. If you are asleep for 7 - 9 hours then that is a great resting state for your digestive system - water is the perfect waker-up-erer. You can add in lovely stimulants like small amounts of lemon, lime or orange juice or opt for non-caffeinated teas. 

You will notice a quick effect from morning hydration...

ENERGY and mental clarity.

And a swift visit to the bathroom!

This wake-up kick starts digestion and all the other metabolic processes that begin the cycle of activity for your day.


2. Nutrient dense - all the way.

When we make our food choices we are looking at the amount of benefit we are going to get from it.

If we are going to be eating anyway - we want the best return from our efforts!

For example, Emily in our team drinks her tea with cream instead of milk (same as coconut cream instead of coconut milk). She wants the extra fat and calories so she has stable energy levels for longer. Extra fat also gives a shot of fat soluble vitamins - win!

If Janine is eating salads, she's adding seeds, cold-pressed oils, nuts, herbs and vinegars all the maximise the nutrient value. 

Our multii shakes are built on this premise and our swiss chocolate line is an amazing example - we have so much fibre in there, it makes it taste wonderful AND also feeds all your good gut bacteria which impact all over energy and wellbeing!


3. Simple supps.

There are the "holy grail" group of energy supplements and the B vitamins, magnesium and iodine are the ones!

B vitamins do cellular magic - literally making cells and running the energy centre of each of our cells. 

Magnesium enables thousands of chemical reactions inside us allowing for normal digestion and muscle movement.

Iodine is a hormone supporter and our energy levels are mostly hormonal (remember Adrenalin and Insulin are hormones too!) so Iodine is a crucial chemical for us.

We aren't interested in popping pills so we get a massive chunk of our daily supps from our Multii shakes that we make in Vanilla iice and Chocolate Symphony.

It takes most people a week of supplementation to notice an energy change so don't judge yourself too quickly!

Enjoy these tips for increased energy and if you are needing support, please always reach out to your trusted health care provider.


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