Unlock your nutrients, or you are wasting your time and money.

Oh the UNLOCK!

That's what digestion is ABOUT!

Break down the food - make the nutrients available, then soak them up!

What if you've damaged your gut?

What if you want to keep it healthy?

Each part of our digestion has a crucial step, genius evolution, that allows all the macros - fat, protein and carbs to fuel our energy and build our structures.

And along side that all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids are being utilised to do their magic on a cellular level, making our tiniest processes sing.

If you've never fallen in love with your gut, now is the time!

It does all this work for free and all it expects is food, friendlies (bacteria) and water!


You might be someone who KNOWS you have gut issues.

If this is you, then a REPAIR process is your first priority. Leak Gut Syndrome, absorption issues, transit time and bacteria populations are the priority. 

You might be someone without gut issues and be committed to maintaining your gut health. Great!

Unlocking all your nutrients relies on the maintenance of your gut health.

We like to look at gut health as 3 things:

1. Thriving probiotic populations.

2. Digestion (mechanical and chemical)

3. Absorption - healing or maintaining. 

> Repairing the populations inside can be as simple as a Prebiotic rich diet combined with Probiotics.

> Digestion support - CHEW your food! Take digestive enzymes and look at your stomach acid levels.

> Absorption - General advice is to eat low allergen and low inflammatory foods. Repairing damage takes Leaky Gut Syndrome protocols.

None of this is HARD. 


A bunch of us have gut issues and are taking supps that aren't managing to get around the issue of absorption. So the we get convinced that supps don't work. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sad and true.

Stop the cycle of supp wastage, flushing away your cash and instead focus on your beautiful system.

There's a great expression - you can't outrun your fork...

You also can't out supp your damaged gut! More supps don't mean more absorption!

So love your guts with Gutsii darlings!

Team Gutsii!