What do we mean... "gut"?!!

Gustii is all about the gut... Probs really obvs from our name!

We are focused on how gut health impacts your wellness, energy and awesomeness... 

To start with, there is a silly amount of definitions of what the "gut" is.  

Most of us think of the gut as the stomach... check out what Dr Google's dictionary says here....

Gut for us is:

1) Digestion.

Digestion is a mega complicated process, but the things that help and harm your digestion aren't.

We are here to empower you in the simple food, lifestyle and behavioural tips for great digestion. 

2) The microbiome.

The microbes (bacteria, yeasts, viruses etc) that live in and on us effect all of our systems - mental, emotional and physical - and determine our illness or wellness.

The colon (large intestine) houses most of the bacterias that live inside us.

Probiotics are bacterias. There is now a bunch of solid research on illnesses, mental health, immune health and nutrient utilsation that illustrates the importance of us all having strong colonies of probiotics.

Aaannnnndd of course we 

3) Instincts.

We love our science AND we know that no one knows your body better than you!

We are all our own complex ecosystem with our only unique genetics, experiences, exposures and quirks.

Experimentation on your preferred eating style and what products agree with you is smart. Even better if you track your own data so it's not just perception, but good old fashioned scientific-method on yourself!

We are advocates of follow your gut. If a research finding says eat X, but X makes you bloated, gassy, tired or irritated - and you've tested it a few times - screw the research, follow your gut.


So now you know what we mean by "gut" and what kid of support, knowledge and information we are committed to providing you all.

Please know we design all our products with our 3 part gut focus in mind.

If this resonates with you and you are keen to explore our tips and hints, please check in on our Facebook page, our other blogs and our product range.



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