Women's Health Name Their Top 9 Chocolates!

Hello Women's Health Magazine!

They named us in the Top 9 Healthy Chocolates this week! This was in their MEGA NUTRITION SPECIAL EDITION!

Woot woot!

We are in pretty great company with this list and wanted to do a like-for-like comparison of what is there in the market for yummy, functional, gut-healthy snacks.

So, you know by now we are chocolate snobs right?!

Here is how we did the comparison...

1. Sweeteners? What are they using? 

2. Gut health disruptors? Are there any?

3. Fillers - We believe in all killer, no filler - high quality chocolate (Swiss approved) has no fillers.

4. Suspiciously low sugar count - this means the cocao/cocoa mass has been altered.

THOSE ARE THE RULES - let's see how everyone played out on the field...

Well, first up, they named 9 products, and one of them was a carob so we struck it off the list!

Feast your eyes on this comparison! (Everything is in grams).

>>> Scroll across on mobile to see the tables <<<

Products with their serving size:

Serving size Sugar per serve Carbs per serve Fibre
Gutsii Rasperry Rhapsody 30g 1.6 3.8 11.7
Lindt 85% 20g 2.2 3.8 undisclosed
Alter Eco 90% 38g 3 12 5
Pana Chocolate 80% 15g 3 6.2 undisclosed
Loving Earth 85% 8.9g 1.3 3.5 undisclosed
Peak Chocolate Active 20g 1.9 4.8 undisclosed
Green and Black 70% 18g 5.1 6.5 1.8
Well Naturally Rick Dark 15g 0.1 0.8 3.9



Serving sizes as low as 8.9g aren't likely to satisfy, the Alter Eco bar is up there at 38g with our 30g so we rate them as a brilliant sized product.

Scroll down for analysis on the sugar contents...


Added Sugars and Gut Disrputors:

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Gutsii Rasperry Rhapsody NONE NONE
Lindt 85% Demerara sugar Demerara sugar
Alter Eco 90% Organic raw cane sugar Organic raw cane sugar
Pana Chocolate 80% Dark agave nectar Dark agave nectar
Loving Earth 85% Evaporated coconut nectar Evaporated coconut nectar
Peak Chocolate Active Sugar Sugar
Green and Black 70% Organic raw cane sugar Organic raw cane sugar
Well Naturally Rick Dark NONE Eythritol



Added sugars all have the same effect metabolically and on gut bacteria, regardless of how organic they are and how they are sources.

Glucose is glucose is glucose.

We want sugars ONLY coming from the un-altered cocoa mass.

Other gut disrputors, like fermented sugar alcohols cause diarrhoea  from "too much" and bacterial changes. How much is too much? Depends on how sensitive you are.



Flavours and Fillers:

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Stevia flavour Fillers
Gutsii Rasperry Rhapsody NONE NONE
Lindt 85% NONE NONE
Alter Eco 90% NONE NONE
Pana Chocolate 80% NONE NONE
Loving Earth 85% NONE Cashews and almonds
Peak Chocolate Active NONE Soy lecithin
Green and Black 70% NONE Soy lecithin
Well Naturally Rick Dark Yes Soy lecithin



A lot of people will not tolerate Stevia, no judgement, it can be a gnarly after taste and it affects a bunch of us. 

Fillers are used to make a product stable and a larger product.

Be mindful if these are ingredients you have sensitivities too.


Nutrition information - Apples-with-apples.

We standardised all the serving sizes out to match our 30g bars...

>>> Scroll across on mobile to see the tables <<<

Serves Sugar Carbs Fibre
Gutsii Rasperry 1 1.6 3.8 11.7
Lindt 85% 1.5 3.30 5.70 unknown
Alter Eco 90% 0.78 2.34 9.36 3.90
Pana Chocolate 80% 2 6.00 12.40 unknown
Loving Earth 85% 3.37 4.38 11.80 unknown
Peak Chocolate Active 1.5 2.85 7.20 unknown
Green and Black 70% 1.66 8.47 10.79 2.99
Well Naturally Rick Dark 2 0.20 1.60 7.80



Well Naturally has suspiciously LOW sugar, this tells us that the cocoa has been altered and processed to make it not a "real chocolate".

Again Alter Eco is right up there is quality of cocoa and some fiber - great work!

We completely crush everyone with our PREBIOTIC FIBRE content for gut health and NO SUGAR!!!!!!!!!!!!


Our functional gut health chocolate is the only one that contains no sugars, sweeteners, fillers and gut disruptors AND has 40% of your daily Prebiotic fibre requirements.

So yeah... we think we are number 1!

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