Working on your mane game - Inside AND out.

Shiny lustrous locks... smooth bright skin... twinkling eyes and strong nails.

All these are the “signs” of health and well-being that we instantly pick up on when we look at ourselves and each other.

For today, let's talk about hair, because hair is our body's fastest growing tissue, so a great, quick “barometer” for our health.

Frustration at being great with our nutrition, supplements and exercise and still having limp, breakage prone hair, or hair fall is real.

It effects loads of us and we're here to help you out.

In this article I'm going to lay down the INSIDE and OUTSIDE factors of luscious locks so you can unlock the simple INSIDE and OUT secrets to a kick-ass mane game.

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Most of us are focused on the products we use on our hair and this is absolutely critical.

While a lot of what we use is for dryness, frizz and scalp issues – pay close attention - those symptoms say something about your internal health too.

What we find is a lot of people aren't focused on is what is hurting their scalp and hair...

> Products that don't really nourish your scalp for growth, health and shine

> Using scalp irritants like sulphates

> Heat damage from styling without adequate protection

> Chemical stresses from colouring

> Coating products like long-chain silicones that weigh down your strands and suffocate the scalp

All these are major no-nos if you want a bang-on mane game.

GOOD NEWS – You can REHAB your hair, even after years of abuse. This will instantly help your overall sense of well-being as when we look good we feel good and a domino effect of healthy behaviours kicks in.

We recommend going into HAIR REHAB with Hot Tresses to get the best of your hair.

Hot Tresses Gutsii Gut health Hair


Healthy hair, is an inside job...

If you are generally well, the hair is too and you should get your natural thickness, volume, amount, bounce and shine.

If you are unwell you'll notice limpness, easy breakage, dullness of colour, split ends, excess hair fall (eek!), flaking and oil regulation issues.

If you ARE feeling well but your hair IS NOT glorious, then the answers for you may be in the way you've been treating your hair from the OUTSIDE (see OUTSIDE factors above) or some nutrition issues that are really common like absorption issues and protein deficiency.

Unbalanced nutrition

Holy Mother Oprah if we had a dollar for every time we got conflicting nutrition advice!

We aren't here to preach how to get your nutrition needs met. All we can do is say what the evidence is and offer how we are here to help.

Our golden rule is:If it doesn't go into your mouth, it aint' coming out as great hair or health. You can't take from an empty bucket.

The holy grail of hair health... drum roll please..


Hair is mostly “keratin”... it is a PROTEIN that makes up our hair, skin and nails.

We need dietary protein for keratin production to run on schedule and at optimum performance.

The data out there about deficiencies, especially for women, is scary**.

> 14% of men and 4% of women are considered protein deficient ***

> Crash dieting causing loss of nutrition factors needed for healthy hair

> Iron deficiency (mineral) 1 in 3 women!* causes shedding

> Omega 3s, vitamin B12 and iron all affect scalp condition and hair colour

> Vitamins A and C nourish the hair shaft

> When vitamin B7 is low hair gets brittle and sheds

> Minerals like selenium regulate scalp function

> Amino acids like L-Methionine makes sure hair is formed properly

Hot Tresses Gutsii Hair Gut health


Then this is where it gets tricky. You may have nutritionally “sound” intake AND supplement, but you still have deficiencies... WHAT THE?!!!

Painful yes, and it comes down to absorption issues...

Absorption issues

A lot of people eat well and supplement but still have vitamin and mineral deficiencies. PAIN PAIN PAIN.

This is part of why Gutsii exists. We have been there and couldn't get easy solutions so we made our own!

Factors are:

> Gut lining being irritated from allergens which blocks absorption

> Stimulants like coffee “speeding up” food's movement (transit time) through us so we don't get the time needed for absorption. It takes time people!

> Reduced stomach acid (happens with age and illness) preventing complete break down of foods in the stomach so things ferment (gross... so gross).

> Reduced enzyme production – Our digestive enzymes do the magic of unlocking nutrients from our food.

Chewing too fast (this is an epidemic!), antibiotic use and impaired stomach acid (the one above) affect enzyme performance so you don't get the best from your food.****

> Bacteria imbalances – We have probiotics that have specific jobs. Some of them just help us absorb nutrients. High fives critters!*****

Processed foods, antibiotics, illness, alcohol, restricted diets, smoking and inadequate sleep all hurt our little friends.

Yeah, no fun here.


To unlock the power of our food to make great hair, the simplest way we know how is to fix absorption issues and provide adequate protein and nutrients.

* Digestive enzymes with your food (hello Multii Shake) to make sure what goes in CAN be absorbed.

* Easy to digest proteins (30+grams per serve in Multii Shake).

* Simple low FODMAP, low allergen ingredients to give tummies a break.

* Boost of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids to make sure all the building blocks of hair are available.

* Our magical Bacillus probiotic Ganeden for nutrient, immune and digestive support.

So whether you are REHABING your hair, recovering from hair loss or simply maintaining your crown, make sure you are doing what your locks need INSIDE and OUTSIDE and Gutsii Multii Shake is an amazing simple start.



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