World First? YES YES YES!

Chocolate                                 YES

Swiss                                        YES

Dark                                          YES

No Sugar                                  YES

No Sugar Substitutes               YES

40% Daily Prebiotic Dose         YES

Amazing Taste                          YES

Changing the World?                We think so! 

So how did this happen?

The Janinious!

Janine Zappini is our founder / guru / gut health samurai. She spent 18 months in development to ensure the highest quality of chocolate that could legally be called "Swiss" (yes the Swiss have chocolate laws - it's so badass).

Janine saw the gut health crisis unfolding and pinpointed the widespread reduction of prebiotic fibre consumption as a contributing factor - the research says she is right - that woman is a Janinious!

This is a shameless love letter to Janine if you haven't noticed! She is bringing the joy of chocolate and wellness to people all around the world.


The Gutsii Girls.


You can enjoy our amazing funktional snacks in stores or delivered to your door! 

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