1kg Multii Shake Vanilla iice with Chocolate Offer

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1kg LIMITED RELEASE - Direct from Gutsii.com only. 

Kick the supplement stresses and maximise nutrient absorption with the gut healing powerhouse of Gutsii Multii Shake 6 in 1.

Throw away your pills, jars and bottles and Multii shake it up with our all-in-one, time and money saving gut healing, protein-packed, probiotic hero.

With a Gutsii Multii shake onboard in the morning you can relax knowing your nutrition, gut bacteria and energy levels have had a strong start to the day.

Gutsii Multii shake gives you 6 seperate supplements in one yummy drink that you can shake, blend or make into a smoothie:

1. Protein - Vegan even!

2. Probiotics - The colonising kind...

3. Prebiotics - The magic makers.

4. Antioxiants - Cellular magic.

5. Vitamins/Minerals - Be well in every cell.

6. Digestive Enzymes - What's the use if it doesn't all get absorbed???

Supplements are a gateway drug! Once you start on one you find yourself with a cupboard full of bottles.

IF YOU AREN’T SICK stop living like a sick person popping pills all day.

IF YOU ARE SICK then let us support your healing.

When you extract your nutrients from food, not tablets - the food is believed to have better absorption (a functional nutrition approach).

We have taken the supplements we used the most and turned them into a food form to speed up your day, simplify your life and make sure you aren’t flushing your supplement money down the drain.

Take once a day mixed with water or milk of your choice.

Multii shake comes in 2 flavours, Vanilla iice and Chocoliit and is available in limited release 1kg bags (20 serves) of good vibes for your gut, energy levels and cellular health.


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Your daily score of

  • Probiotics
  • Prebiotics
  • Plant-based Protein
  • Amino Acids
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • Antioxidants

We designed this product because we were sick of paying for all or seperate supplements, managing them all and then not being guaranteed absorbtion.

Multii Shake replaces 6 supplements and saves you time, money and drama!

We can prove it! Ahhh, nothing like a sexy spreadsheet!



cost per serve

Gutsii Multii Shake


cost per serve

Total       $5.36 Total      $3.49
Probiotic $1.26
Prebiotic $0.40
Antioxidants $0.25
Digestive enzymes $0.83
Plant Protein $02.31
Amino Acids




This box set contains 20 of our 32g bars of healthy indulgence.

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Limited edition best before 27 October 2019.



PRObiotics: new buddies for your biome

PREbiotics: fuel the party inside

Vegan PROteins: clean conscience

PROblend: Digestive enzymes for optimal absorption,

Vitamin & mineral blend - synergistic blend, Animo acid

blend to repair and energise, Naturally sweetend

(nothing artificial), and a much needed Antioxidant boost.

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