Variety Pack Sexy Dark Swiss

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Can't decide?

We've got you covered, try all 3 flavours of our Sexy Dark Swiss with this variety pack. 

This 10 piece variety pack has a combination of:

  Raspberry Rhaspbody

  Mint PuffDaddii

  PinkSalt Flloyd Rocks 

Enjoy the best of all and get your diabetic friendly, keto friendly, genuinely NO SUGAR chocolate!*



*The only sugars in this product are what is naturally contained in the cocoa mass - we add nothing!



PRObiotics: new buddies for your biome

PREbiotics: fuel the party inside

Vegan PROteins: clean conscience

PROblend: Digestive enzymes for optimal absorption,

Vitamin & mineral blend - synergistic blend, Animo acid

blend to repair and energise, Naturally sweetend

(nothing artificial), and a much needed Antioxidant boost.

Dietry Ticks

Serving Instructions